The Importance Of UI, UX

The above mentioned terms have been under the spotlight for quite some time now. And their popularity is growing in the digital world. Before we understand their importance, we need to understand what they are.

UI or User Interface

To put it in simple words, it is a way of telling you what your product looks like. It is the first impression you get when you open a new app, a website or an application. The engaging factors include the colors, fonts, and the overall page design.

UX or User Experience

User Experience is what you feel when you interact with the app or website. UX denotes the customer satisfaction, ease of use and the pleasure factor generated while using the product.

Determining Factors For a Successful UI and UX

  • The user’s needs are taken into account at every stage of a product’s life cycle.
  • The product must be simple and user-friendly. Complicated processes do not go well with end users. If the process isn’t simple, it ends with the customer being dissatisfied and the UX being a total failure. This alone can make the product unpopular with the masses.
  • Going with the adage, “First impression is the best impression”, the look of the product has to speak for itself. Hence, the choice of font, size, colour ,background, etc need careful selection.

The product can be termed a success only if both UI and UX work seamlessly together.