How important is a landing page for your online business?

Your online business depends immensely on the landing page Page 1. Visitors land upon these pages, and the contents compel them to submit their data. If you are still unsure of the benefits of a landing page, continue reading the benefits of having a right landing page.

  • Aim for good business

Landing pages’ sole purpose is to boost your business. The page plays a vital role in reaching a new niche market, getting you more customers, and helping you to promote your products. The landing pages offer exceptional advantages, and it can be even personalized to target your business niche.

  • Increases the conversion rates

A right landing page provides the user with enough information about the brand on a single page. This single page can invite more and more leads, thereby increasing sales.

  • Improve the rankings

A quality content landing page can land your brand in the top ranks of search engines. Remember, the content authenticity decides the grades of your website in SEO rankings.

  • Uplift your brand image

If your landing page content strikes a code with the potential customers, it can boost the brand image and thereby increase the conversion rate. Rising brand conversion rates will improve your brand image.

Utilize the power of landing pages to improve your relationship with clients and to boost the progress of marketing operations. Paul from Are You On Page 1 says.

Top four Mockup design techniques

Designs are the crucial factor that determines the credibility of your work with the clients. Implementing the best Mockup design is the only way to convince your valuable clients. The following section takes you through four top Mockup design techniques that are licensed for commercial use says SEO RockStar.

  • Create your own from scratch

Develop your mockup design by photoshopping the photos/images from your collection. Utilize the vanishing point filter of Photoshop for a more significant effect. Original mockups are the most authentic of all techniques since the photos used here are from your collection.

  • Effective utilization of Smart Object

Smart Objects enables the designer to perform nondestructive editing to the layers and thereby preserving the image’s source content. This feature of Smart Object empowers the designer to adjust the design to the Mockup template easily.

  • 3D mockup

Photoshop Action can convert a flat design into a 3D mockup in seconds. The prerecorded steps feature makes it even easier for the designer to achieve the desired look. The feature saves up the designer’s precious time spent on a systematic procedure. Photoshop Action is available for free download from sites like psdcovers.

  • Mockup websites

Mockup generator websites require you to drag and drop images into the sites, and a mockup is ready for download within seconds. The sites offer numerous template options for you.

Mockups from scratch are the most authentic of all the given techniques. But if you are time-constrained, you can always avail the other methods.

Top tips for creating compelling mock-ups

Marketing of a product goes a long way before the actual product is made, and hence, mock-ups become an essential aspect for visualizing the resultant product. Lowell SEO Services says the mock-ups are necessary for branding and logos. Mock-ups help in discovering any issues before the products go into the production. So, what characteristic must be in focus while developing a useful mock-up? To understand that, please go through the following points.

  • Complete understanding of the product

Knowing your product is the first approach in designing a functional mock-up. Ignorance about the product can be a great disservice for your client and their product.

  • Appeal the Target Audience

Sale of the product dramatically depends upon the customers. The initial marketing must devise a perfect mock-up that would appeal to the target audience. Care must be taken to avoid any stereotyping.

  • Be careful of the medium of display

Understanding the medium is essential for the perfect demonstration of mock-up. Every medium has its pros and cons. Hence, knowledge of the medium is crucial before designing.

  • Content that connects

Well-written content is essential for a functional mock-up. Never leave the default design content in the mock-up as the product may lose its credibility while marketing.

  • Resolution matters

High resolution is vital to maintain the visual appeal of the mock-up. It recommended to work with vectors to prevent any issues in the results.

Keep your mock-up designs clean, precise, and clutter-free.

Amazing UI and UX Trends

User interface and user experience have made tremendous progress in the past few years. Here are some of the latest trends that are making headlines!

  • Virtual Voice Assistants

Voice assistants are perhaps one of the most exciting features to have enhanced both UI and UX. Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Google’s Assistant are excellent examples. With consumers welcoming this trend with open arms, designers are mulling about taking things up a notch. To enhance the experience, designers are looking for ways to make voice assistants more personal, enjoyable and efficient.

  • Foldable Devices

More than the folding part, it’s the “unfolding” of the new smart phones that is the more exciting. Samsung and Huawei have rolled out phones that can be unfolded into ultra-portable and useful tablets. The UX and UI are seamless and beautifully adapt to whatever orientation within fractions of a second.

  • Brilliant Animations

High quality images and videos on frameless device screens are the next big fad. Businesses are using hi-tech features to sell their products. These hi-tech features include bolder colours, accentuated typography, illustrations and micro animations. Using these features, messages can be conveyed to the consumers without using even a single word. Such profound animations have increased the UI and UX tremendously.

The Importance Of UI, UX

The above mentioned terms have been under the spotlight for quite some time now. And their popularity is growing in the digital world. Before we understand their importance, we need to understand what they are.

UI or User Interface

To put it in simple words, it is a way of telling you what your product looks like. It is the first impression you get when you open a new app, a website or an application. The engaging factors include the colors, fonts, and the overall page design.

UX or User Experience

User Experience is what you feel when you interact with the app or website. UX denotes the customer satisfaction, ease of use and the pleasure factor generated while using the product.

Determining Factors For a Successful UI and UX

  • The user’s needs are taken into account at every stage of a product’s life cycle.
  • The product must be simple and user-friendly. Complicated processes do not go well with end users. If the process isn’t simple, it ends with the customer being dissatisfied and the UX being a total failure. This alone can make the product unpopular with the masses.
  • Going with the adage, “First impression is the best impression”, the look of the product has to speak for itself. Hence, the choice of font, size, colour ,background, etc need careful selection.

The product can be termed a success only if both UI and UX work seamlessly together.

Mastering New Languages With These Top Tech Tools

There are some really cool apps and tools that are enhancing the method of studying languages that can especially be quite challenging. Learning a new language is no joke. But these apps make it seem easy because they are all unique!

Take for instance the Quizlet. This app offers educational vocabulary games. Students can test their vocabulary strength in the target language by matching the words to the pictures. The same can be done with questions and answers, geographical locations, etc. Quizlet also provides live quiz sessions with students around the world.

And then, Pear Deck is a cool way to make interactive slides. Pear Deck works really well when you have a group of students pursuing the same target language. One student reads a description in the target language and the rest draw out the description as they hear it. Once the drawings are complete, students can elaborate on what they’ve drawn. This helps to enhance both the reading and understanding of the language.

There’s no better way to go on a virtual field trip than with the Google Tour Creator. This tool allows teachers to take students on virtual trips to any part of the world that corresponds to their target language. You can pick a city or its important landmarks or sites. Students get a 360 degree view of these places with an audio narration of the history of the featured sites.