Mastering New Languages With These Top Tech Tools

There are some really cool apps and tools that are enhancing the method of studying languages that can especially be quite challenging. Learning a new language is no joke. But these apps make it seem easy because they are all unique!

Take for instance the Quizlet. This app offers educational vocabulary games. Students can test their vocabulary strength in the target language by matching the words to the pictures. The same can be done with questions and answers, geographical locations, etc. Quizlet also provides live quiz sessions with students around the world.

And then, Pear Deck is a cool way to make interactive slides. Pear Deck works really well when you have a group of students pursuing the same target language. One student reads a description in the target language and the rest draw out the description as they hear it. Once the drawings are complete, students can elaborate on what they’ve drawn. This helps to enhance both the reading and understanding of the language.

There’s no better way to go on a virtual field trip than with the Google Tour Creator. This tool allows teachers to take students on virtual trips to any part of the world that corresponds to their target language. You can pick a city or its important landmarks or sites. Students get a 360 degree view of these places with an audio narration of the history of the featured sites.

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